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Houston’s The Woodlands Is A Sheltering Forest
If you think Texas is all prairie dotted with cactus, you’ll be delightfully surprised to learn that much of the eastern

If you think Texas is all prairie dotted with cactus, you’ll be delightfully surprised to learn that much of the eastern portion of the state is thick with woods, including the bedroom community known as the Woodlands, 27 miles north of downtown Houston.

double check this. The Woodlands is one of the largest master-planned communities in the state, with over 30,000 acres in the East Texas Piney Woods and a population of over 75,000. Local Realtors say the area is so popular that it seems to weather any economic storm or housing recession. In fact, they say, The Woodlands is hot.

Realtor Rosa Jimenez explains the community’s appeal.

“You will feel like you are in a forest,” says Jimenez. “The Woodlands is a totally wooded community made up of multiple villages for a small-town atmosphere. A river walk much like the one in San Antonio is under construction which will run behind the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavillion where many concerts are held.”

Editor’s note: The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavillion is one of the most distinguished outdoor concert facilities in the nation.

Advises Jimenez, “Home prices are on the rise and there is still an influx of buyers. Homes that have been well maintained and have good curb appeal are not lasting long on the market. There are many first-time buyers ready to buy, but with inventory so low, many are finding it difficult finding a home. The best advice I can give a buyer in today’s market is not to take too much time deciding on making an offer on a home they like. If it looks good and you like it, go for it.”

Jimenez also suggests that buyers make an educated offer.

“What I mean by that is this is not the time to try and get a bargain,” says Jimenez. “If you don’t buy it, there are at least two or three other buyers waiting in the wings. By waiting you may just be spending more money in the long run because prices continue to rise. This is particularly true with builders. Some builders have an average of 10 price increases a year. By waiting you will be spending more down the line.”

“The Woodlands was designed to maintain the forest while creating a hometown atmosphere where people live, work, and play while enjoying peaceful surroundings,” says Realtor Jim Waters. “Quality of life is available in this community.

“Current market conditions seem to be mostly influenced by the price range. Below $150,000 it is a seller’s market, where you can expect rising prices. Around $200,000 is still a mild seller’s market giving stable to rising prices. Above $300,000 it is more of a buyer’s market, level to falling prices expected. Above $500,000 is slow with little activity. Overall, expect a standoff between the seller’s market and buyer’s market. I predict that the market will remain “level” in near future with lower price ranges to experience high demand and increasing prices.”

“The market in The Woodlands remains a rock even when other areas falter somewhat,” says Realtor Lewis Walker. “With consumer confidence shattered in the upper price ranges for the past few months there appears to be a revival of activity in The Woodlands and the Houston market as a whole.

“As the year moves forward and the economy shows strength, the $400,000 and up market is steadily improving,” says Walker. “A strong year is anticipated. What is foreseen is a bounce back unprecedented because this time it is built from the bottom with the lower-end housing leading the charge up the stairway to higher value ranges. There is a window of opportunity to rush into purchasing before we see the anticipated price rise and absorption of standing inventories. It is a buyers market for all price ranges but is quickly becoming a sellers market over $300,000.”

“Home sales for the first quarter of this year, both new and resale, were at an all time high in Harris and Montgomery Counties,” says Realtor James L. Ramey. “New home builders continue to increase their prices on a regular basis, thereby driving up the prices of resale homes as well. Production cannot keep up with the demand. Resale homes sell quickly (if priced correctly), yet the buyers are buying them at a lower price than they will be next month! A true win-win situation. The adage “buy it today because it will cost more tomorrow” was never more true than when referring to property in Harris and Montgomery Counties.”
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